Documentary Photographer


Salem National Forest

A couple years ago a new theme caught my eye. I developed an interest in suburban and urban landscapes, as I began to take walks to look closely at landscapes that I’ve been driving on and by for years, while on my way to work, while running errands. I created a tongue-in-cheek blog to share my forays into this everyday wilderness, entitled “Hiking Salem National Forest”.

Instead of venturing far and wide from the suburban/urban sprawl to visit majestic parks where nature is preserved, I'm searching for remnants of the forest, nature's diverse leftovers and transplants, tenaciously hanging on.  As I hiked throughout the “Salem National Forest” (which doesn’t really exist) I also became intrigued with how we try to order nature. For example, we plant trees equidistant from each other in rows, we fence areas that are off limits, and we manicure bushes into tight geometric shapes.

On another level, I too order and organize nature. As a photographer I impose careful and deliberate composition on the environment, with my frame.