Documentary Photographer


Iím experimenting with capturing significant trips in TRIPtychs, an assembly of three black and white images in chronological order. The discipline of holding myself to just three images and scant text, helps me to reflect upon and distill the essence of the experience.

I hope to collect one or two TRIPtychs per year, to document and share some of my personal history.

Family Gates


I flew to Florida to visit my parents, first my Mom in Naples, after many years of being distant. Mom lives alone in a gated community.

After a few days in Naples, I headed north to Jacksonville to visit my Dad. I stopped at a rest stop and connected with this majestic/pathetic tree family

My Dad and I chilled at a historic beach motel. The gate opened to an expanse of soft beach and endless ocean. I spent hours bodysurfing, navigating forces more powerful than myself.