Documentary Photographer


I’m experimenting with capturing significant trips in TRIPtychs, an assembly of three black and white images in chronological order. The discipline of holding myself to just three images and scant text, helps me to reflect upon and distill the essence of the experience.

I hope to collect one or two TRIPtychs per year, to document and share some of my personal history.

Alex's Graduation


I travelled to D.C. for Alex’s graduation from GW. For the Elliott School ceremony, she arrived in her classic alternative style.

I got to finally meet El Profe, Alex’s key mentor, who recognized her talents and helped her discover her passion for Spanish Literature, for analysis and for writing. Thanks!

On a stroll along “my” creek in Kemp Mill, it was fitting that Alex found the mother lode of mica. It was great to see her fascination in collecting these shiny “worthless” rocks.