Documentary Photographer


I’m experimenting with capturing significant trips in TRIPtychs, an assembly of three black and white images in chronological order. The discipline of holding myself to just three images and scant text, helps me to reflect upon and distill the essence of the experience.

I hope to collect one or two TRIPtychs per year, to document and share some of my personal history.

Pilgrimage to Tucson

August 2012

After a rough first year as “empty nesters” Irma and I decided to take a last minute back road trip from Oregon to Tucson.

We returned to Saguaro Monument, where we got married 21 years earlier, to rekindle our love. To honor Alegria we spread a little bag of her ashes.
A butterfly visited our altar, danced and flew away.

We visited with Rachael Zane, my “adopted Grandma”, in hospice.
This was our last visit with Rachael. She was calm, lucid, appreciative and ready to let go.